Naming Conventions

Kubernetes Resources

Kube names can only consist of lowercase alphanumeric characters, and the character "-". All "_" characters are replaced with "-". All other non-alphanumeric characters are removed.

The name cannot start or end with a "-". These characters are trimmed.

Names are also restricted to 63 characters in length, so if a generated name exceeds 63 characters, it should be recalculated as:


<name trimmed to 31 characters><md5 hash of name>

Kubernetes Services

The same check needs to apply to the entire address of a Service. If an entire address is longer than 253 characters, the servicename is trimmed until there’s enough room for the MD5 hash. If it’s not possible to include the hash (KUBE_NAMESPACE and KUBE_SERVICE_DOMAIN and the dots are 221 characters or more), an error is thrown.

Last modified May 25, 2021: Fix code display in release docs (2bc24a5)