From BOSH to Kubernetes

Guidelines on transforming BOSH concepts to Kubernetes

Desired Manifests

The desired manifest is fully computed manifest, before it’s split into smaller ‘instance group’ manifests.

BOSH Variables

How Quarks Operator interpolates BOSH variables.

Rendering BOSH Templates

How the BOSH job templates are rendered

BOSH resource requests and limit

Converting BOSH resource requests and limits to Kubernetes


Quarks Links can provide secrets to pods outside the deployment and can consume existing secrets

Process Control

Process control via sockets with containerrun

Rotation and Restart

Rotating a Certificate and restarting affected pods

Service wait for Kubernetes native pods

How the ‘wait-for’ annotation on pods helps to wait for instance groups when deploying


Upgrades to the Operators and to Workloads

High Availability

How High-Availability is implemented

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