quarks-job starts the operator

quarks-job [flags]


      --apply-crd                         (APPLY_CRD) If true, apply CRDs on start (default true)
      --ctx-timeout int                   (CTX_TIMEOUT) context timeout for each k8s API request in seconds (default 300)
  -o, --docker-image-org string           (DOCKER_IMAGE_ORG) Dockerhub organization that provides the operator docker image (default "cfcontainerization")
      --docker-image-pull-policy string   (DOCKER_IMAGE_PULL_POLICY) Image pull policy (default "IfNotPresent")
  -r, --docker-image-repository string    (DOCKER_IMAGE_REPOSITORY) Dockerhub repository that provides the operator docker image (default "quarks-job")
  -t, --docker-image-tag string           (DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG) Tag of the operator docker image (default "0.0.1")
  -h, --help                              help for quarks-job
  -c, --kubeconfig string                 (KUBECONFIG) Path to a kubeconfig, not required in-cluster
  -l, --log-level string                  (LOG_LEVEL) Only print log messages from this level onward (trace,debug,info,warn) (default "debug")
      --max-workers int                   (MAX_WORKERS) Maximum number of workers concurrently running the controller (default 1)
      --meltdown-duration int             (MELTDOWN_DURATION) Duration (in seconds) of the meltdown period, in which we postpone further reconciles for the same resource (default 60)
      --meltdown-requeue-after int        (MELTDOWN_REQUEUE_AFTER) Duration (in seconds) for which we delay the requeuing of the reconcile (default 30)
      --monitored-id string               (MONITORED_ID) only monitor namespaces with this id in their namespace label (default "default")


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