Nice tools to use

Tools to simplify your development workflow

The following is a list of tools with their respective main features that can help you to simplify your development work when dealing with quarks-operator and kubecf


k9s provides an easy way to navigate through your k8s resources, while watching lively to changes on them. Main features that can be helpful for containerized CF are:

  • inmediate access to resources YAMLs definition

  • inmediate access to services endpoints

  • inmediate access to pods/container logs

  • sort resources(e.g. pods) by cpu or memory consumption

  • inmediate access to a container secure shell


havener is a tool-kit with different features around k8s and CloudFoundry

  • top, to get an overview on the cpu/memory/load of the cluster, per ns and pods.

  • logs, to download all logs from all pods into your local system

  • pod-exec, to open a shell into containers. This can execute cmds in different containers simultaneously.

  • node-exec, to open a shell into nodes. This can execute cmds in different containers simultaneously.


stern allows you to tail from your terminal to multiple pod logs on Kubernetes, including all containers.

kube dashboard

kube dashboard is a more user friendly way to navigate your k8s cluster resources.

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